We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking we used
when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Leonard Hight

Leonard Hight

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Are you a business founder experiencing business confusion? Would you love your business to give you peace of mind, financial abundance, and the lifestyle you desire? I’ve created the Business Wellbeing Model© with you in mind.

The 5 pillars of the Business Wellbeing Model©, will help highlight the causes of the chaos and stress in your business. So, you can implement solutions to alleviate the chaos and stress.

If you’ve had enough of confusion and stress within your business, I invite you to book a free Discovery Call with me.

Great things are done by a series
of small things brought together.

— Vincent Van Gogh

21 September 2022
How Many Businesses Fail Because of The Purpose

How Many Businesses Fail Because of The Purpose

Rarely is a holistic review of a business completed when a business has failed or begins to have problems and the findings recorded publically. This makes it difficult to know just how many businesses fail because of an issue with the business's purpose.
6 September 2022
Results in Business

Results In Business Can Take Time

Results in business can take time to become visible especially if a major change has occurred. If you've added something new to your business or you've changed something that already exists within your business, it's important to have realistic expectations.
1 September 2022
Solving A Business Bottleneck

Solving A Business Bottleneck – Part 1

A bottleneck can sometimes be referred to as a blockage, limitation or constraint. It can be anything that is constantly limiting, slowing or causing confusion, rework or errors to occur with a business. The key to resolving any business bottleneck is to have a quick investigation into the cause before investing too much time and involving the whole team.
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