We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking we used
when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Leonard Hight

Leonard Hight

How I Can Help You

You’re a heart centred entrepreneur with a business or project that’s not performing or progressing as well as you want it to.

You're now looking for some help, so you can turn things around.

But where do you start?

Perform at your best

Business Performance Not Ideal

Could part of the reason be because you’re personally not performing at your best and it is reflected in your business or project?

Are you’re interested in performing at your best.

Self Confidence, Confusion and Doubts

Do you find you have low self-confidence issues surfacing holding you back from taking action on things you know would likely be beneficial.

Perhaps you find you often have confusion or in doubt on what are the right next steps and it’s resulting in things taking longer than they need or things simply not happening at all.

To lean more on how I can help.

Great things are done by a series
of small things brought together.

— Vincent Van Gogh

14 April 2023
What Drives Your Business

What Drives Your Business?

Learn how Lean manufacturing principles can be applied to your business. Discover the difference between push and pull drivers and how they affect business operations. Find out how motivation and inspiration can impact your business's success.
5 April 2023
What Does Your Business Reflect

What Does Your Business Say About You?

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur who values work-life balance and wants to make a meaningful impact with your business? So what is it that your business is saying about you?
21 September 2022
How Many Businesses Fail Because of The Purpose

How Many Businesses Fail Because of The Purpose

Rarely is a holistic review of a business completed when a business has failed or begins to have problems and the findings recorded publically. This makes it difficult to know just how many businesses fail because of an issue with the business's purpose.

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