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I Didn’t See What Was In Front of Me

Growing up, from about 7 years of age I became fascinated with coaching. I would listen intently to my father’s Farm Advisor at the dinner table help my father find ways he could improve production on each of my father’s farms.

As I grew older, I started also going to farm discussion groups. These are where a group of farmers visit another farmer’s farm to observe, identify improvements and propose solutions led by a Farm Advisor

My father as I got older, gave me more and more tasks to do around the house and on the farms. Causing me to struggle to have any free time too myself.

So, using the skills, I’d discovered on the farm discussion groups. I started working out how I could more efficiently and effectively get my tasks completed and get back some free time.

Learning to Trust My Intuition

It was assumed that after leaving school I’d become a farmer too, like the previous generations. A few years after starting to farm, I realised that farming wasn’t for me. I hadn’t really thought about what else I wanted to do or what was possible. This led me down a maze of different jobs, spanning many different industries.

Progressively with each job I was getting clearer on what I wanted to do. Strangely I'd found in each of the jobs the habit of looking for improvements and finding solutions had become hard wired in me.

One of the more enjoyable jobs I had was as a motorcycle courier in London. This was back in the days before mobile phones and GPS. I didn’t know my way around Greater London and I needed to get around quickly to make money. But I didn’t have the 5 years needed to learn my way around like a London Cabbie.

My health which wasn’t great at school had continued to decline. Meaning I didn’t have the ability to memorise. I couldn’t do what some couriers did, memorise from the street directory the route needed to get to the destination. I needed another option.

I found if I looked at the street directory to find the direction to head in. Then use my intuition to guide me on which streets to use and pull over when nothing was coming through. Take another look at the directory and rinse and repeat. I’d get to the destination relatively quickly.

Over time I was able to rely on my intuition more and more and the need to look at the street directory reduced, even in totally new suburbs. Sometimes my intuition would get me within a street of two of the destination before I’d need to look at the street directory.

A Major Clue

After my UK work permit expired, in 1989 I moved to Australia. I finally decided to do something about my declining health. Intuitively I knew that I needed to address the causes of my poor health. This for me ruled out western medicine that focuses on symptoms. It led me to natural supplements and constantly trying different supplements to solve the causes of my poor health.

On my meandering path of different jobs, I slowly began to zero in on what I wanted to be doing. I found myself in a job with the opportunity to apply both my intuition and process improvement ideas. The business had been purchased and relocated but had not made a profit in the 5 years since it’d been purchased. I was given 3 months to see if I could get the business to show signs that it could become profitable, or the doors would be closed.

After 3 months there was enough progress to warrant keeping the doors open. After 6 months the business was breaking even and by 9 months it was making a small, steadily growing profit.

Light Bulb Moment

I later discovered that Business Process Improvement jobs existed. So, I decided to do a course on BPI. But when I completed the course, it was the middle of the GFC and businesses were oddly stopping their BPI programs.

So, seeing that there were similarities between BPI and Project Management. I decided to pivot into PM. I completed training as a Project Manager and later got a job as a Project Manager. While working as a PM for a number of years, I listened to a podcast talking about Life Coach training.

My intuition immediately kicked in and I started training as a Life Coach early in 2020. A few months later my PM role was retrenched. This provided me the much-needed time to complete training as a Life Coach.

After completing training as a Life Coach a light bulb went on for me. By providing Business Coaching I would be doing what had captivated my attention as a child. It also enabled me to combine my intuition, my work experience and various trainings and empower entrepreneurs to find solutions to the hurdles arising when growing or refining a business.

Having used a number of different business coaches and continue to be coached myself. I’d experienced Transformational Coaching and I knew it was the right coaching method to provide Business Coaching.

Another Piece of The Puzzle

During the many trainings, that I’d completed with Dr John F. Demartini. I’d become aware that as an entrepreneur your business is a reflection of you. What’s happening within you is magnified and is reflected within your business. Your business’s performance is limited by your own personal performance.

Over the 30+ years of constantly using and trying many different natural supplements I’d improved considerably. But still had periods of brain fog, mental blocks, and low mental and physical energy.

What I’d found was some supplements simply didn’t work, others worked extremely slowly, and other supplements only worked for few months then tapered right off. I knew I could be personally performing much better than I was and intuitively knew there had to be solutions.

When I discovered ROOTs Wellness products, I sensed intuitively these were somehow different to the other supplements I’d used over the years. But with my previous track record I was still sceptical.

I soon discovered that my scepticism was ill founded. It wasn’t that long before I started feeling and performing better. My brain fog which had been particularly bad in the evenings was now gone. I felt a much greater level of self-confidence and able to get my thoughts down easier and more clearly. Most surprisingly of all I'd become much more social, leading me to gaining more clients.

It's now well past a year since I started using the ROOTs Wellness products. I’m still regularly noticing physical and mental performance improvements. The improvements in my personal performance are positively affecting my business and are showing no signs of stopping.

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We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps. — Francis Bacon

I acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of Australia. I acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation are the traditional custodians of this place we now call Sydney and that the land was never ceded.

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