29 March 2022

Getting Out of The Way of Your Success

Have you ever had something that you wanted to achieve yet you to have a problem getting it? As I was growing up, I was taught the mantra that to get ahead in life you simply needed to work hard to get what you wanted. Many years after leaving school I found that the mantra had started to change.
23 March 2022

What Is True Selling?

When the word selling is mentioned often people’s immediate reaction is to become defensive. Through a combination of personal experience and conditioning, we have likely reached this point of being defensive towards selling. When the word selling is mentioned often people’s immediate reaction is to become defensive.
22 February 2022

Why Have a Niche

What if we looked at this from a different perspective, and we choose to look at having a niche as our conversation starter. If we were to list all of the things that we can offer, potential clients can feel overwhelmed by choice. As a result not initiate that conversation with you to learn more. Manufactures have found this to be true which is why they only offer a limited number of flavours or varieties.
15 February 2022

Is There a Better Way to Achieve My Goals?

We all have goals that we want to achieve, some small that can be quickly, and easily achieved, and other goals are larger and take time and more energy. As we are all involved in the pursuit of achieving our goals, it makes sense then to have an efficient and effective means of realising our goals. Have you ever had the experience of setting a goal only to be unfulfilled when you achieved it?
1 February 2022

So Much Info Available Such Little Success

Today more than any other time in our history there has never been so much information available on how to create, grow and maintain a really successful business. Information encircles almost every type of entrepreneurial pursuit imaginable. There are books, webinars, and courses available with great content, presented in a readily digestible systematic manner that’s easy to comprehend. Yet there is such little success that comes from it.
1 February 2022

Tesla Waves A New Physics in Healing

During the session, I began experiencing a deep inner euphoric feeling, unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Over the years I have had a variety of different energy healings and had even been trained in Reiki 1 and 2. I had never experienced anything remotely like what I was experiencing. The feeling continued as I walked around the festival looking at the other stalls and lasted several days. I intuitively knew that needed to become a Tesla Metamorphosis® practitioner and became a practitioner later in the year.
13 July 2021

Can Your Past Shape Your Future?

What if your perception of things that had occurred affect the future, you’re looking to create for yourself? Moving through life...
13 July 2021

Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

Ancient cultures have long taught that our bodies have many more senses than just the 5 senses which we are taught about.
24 June 2021

Do You Follow Your Intuition?

For some the whole idea of following your intuition may seem a daunting one, trusting something that doesn’t seem to be rational or logical.
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