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6 September 2022
Results in Business

Results In Business Can Take Time

Results in business can take time to become visible especially if a major change has occurred. If you've added something new to your business or you've changed something that already exists within your business, it's important to have realistic expectations.
1 September 2022
Solving A Business Bottleneck

Solving A Business Bottleneck – Part 1

A bottleneck can sometimes be referred to as a blockage, limitation or constraint. It can be anything that is constantly limiting, slowing or causing confusion, rework or errors to occur with a business. The key to resolving any business bottleneck is to have a quick investigation into the cause before investing too much time and involving the whole team.
1 September 2022
Solving A Business Bottleneck

Solving A Business Bottleneck – Part 2

After it’s been confirmed that the bottleneck is not just a one-off. It’s wise to involve the team who are up and downstream of the blockage. As each team member will see things from a different perspective and help to provide a more holistic view of the bottleneck.
9 August 2022
Learning To Love Business Processes

Learning To Love Business Processes

Processes are the backbone of a business and regular process evaluation and refinement, leads to dramatic business transformation. This can reduce stress, replace confusion with certainty and help to free up time, who doesn’t want more time? Often there can be some resistance to creating a process and then consistently following the process.
27 July 2022
Leading A Team Skills, You Need To Know

Leading A Team, Skills You Need To Know

Often those who lead a team get caught in the trap of thinking that they need to be motivating their team. Doing this leads to a never-ending cycle in which you are constantly having to motivate. Much the like constant winding required by the old clocks that ran on springs. These clocks needed the spring to be constantly wound up to keep the tension for them to keep operating.
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