"Leonard has been an incredibly powerful influence on my career transition journey in the last one year that I have been associated with him. It was thanks to his coaching that I was able to get the courage to start my own business and bring focus and intention to all my actions. Continuous coaching from him has helped me overcome the obstacles in setting up a new business and scaling it with discipline and consistency. He has this uncanny knack to help you get clarity and unclutter your mind. He is thoroughly professional, empathetic and inspirational. Every conversation with him is insightful and has helped me grow week on week, month on month, and chart unimaginable territories in my career path. I recommend him strongly to anyone who is seeking to achieve clarity and breakthrough in their business or career."

Sudhanshu Mishra, India

"Leonard has guided me through crucial decision making processes related to my complex professional endeavours as well as my personal and family life. During just a few sessions I have been able to navigate smoothly between life and business issues discovering what lies beneath the surface that can hold me back or hinder my development. Leonard is an attentive listener; he listens deeply on many different levels. He is observant, he applies his great intuition into the equation, and therefore asks powerful and insightful questions. He hones in on the tiny details, pulling the threads from a bigger knot, which many a time has helped me connect the dots and see a bigger picture of things. His good sense of humour, supportive attitude and client-centricity create the atmosphere of trust and the fertile ground for safe exploration, which undoubtedly help unlock the potential. With Leonard by my side I feel accountable for my goals; I keep reminding myself of the commitment I've taken to stay focused on the path of change and continue in an unwavering way to set ambitious goals that will lead to transformation in different areas of my life."

Iwona Marchut, Poland

"When I decided to switch careers, the transition was far from what I expected. It was a challenging time at both emotional and financial levels. Thankfully, having someone like Leonard at my side changed that reality in the best possible way. With his calm demeanor and focused guidance, I was able to quiet the noise around me and see my circumstances with a clarity I could not perceive on my own. Leonard helped me build confidence and gain certainty. From that place, we came up with a clear path toward the goals that I ultimately was able to achieve. I really like his mature, no nonsense and practical kind of approach to each roadblock.I am glad I made the decision to reach out to Leonard. It made all the difference."

Alejandro Garay, USA

"Leonard is an excellent life coach. He is a great sounding board; he’s helped me process obstacles with ease. Leonard is insightful and asks deep and thoughtful questions to get to the meat of the issue. He’s a great listener, and I appreciated his insights and willingness to share."

Penny Berman, USA

"I came to Leonard for coaching as I was feeling overwhelmed with some reading materials that I needed to get through but kept putting them off. With some very insightful questions, Leonard was able to get to the bottom of why I was putting this off. I came away from our session feeling relieved and somewhat lighter and with a clear action plan of exactly what I needed to do to. Leonard is great at listening as well as providing some very useful strategies when I was at a loss of what to do. I highly recommend Leonard as a professional coach who also really walks his talk."

Rose Cox, Australia

“I had great sessions with Leonard. He hold a space and guide me to the right direction. He is a well-versed coach with a genuine support. Thank you for your kind support."

Z.M. Thailand

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