What Is Tesla Metamorphosis®?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena
it will make more progress in one decade
than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
Nikola Tesla.

Amazing Results

Due to the fast and often amazing healings, Tesla Metamorphosis® has attracted great interest from scientists, because it’s a completely new phenomena in healing.

One incredible difference with Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® is that healing often occurs much faster with than with other forms of energy healing. A healing can occur in as little as one session, it's recommended though that the person have three sessions to complete the healing.

People who have received Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® report healings from afflictions which are considered incurable in orthodox medicine, such as aids, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, spine injuries, even healings from some birth deformities. Even more important than the healings is the aspect of evolution that can be reached using Tesla Waves!.

Any illness, being manifested physically, mentally or emotionally, is a result of an imbalance of the universal life-force present in the physical body which is visible as a frequency of light.

Tesla Metamorphosis® has the intent to bring the frequency of light in the physical body into the perfect balance. As any owner knows their business too has a life of it’s own, Tesla Metamorphosis® is also able to bring healing energy to the business.

About Tesla Metamorphosis®

Tesla Metamorphosis® has within it three distinctly different and complementary modalities. These links provide more detail on the two I offer.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis®

Tesla Soul Communication Metamorphosis®

One of the distinct differences of Tesla Metamorphosis® is that the Tesla Waves containing the energy is not produced by any technology. The energy used is an intelligent energy, that comes directly from what Tesla referred to as Active Ether. Today the Quantum Field is more commonly used when describing the source of this energy.

Unlike many other energy healing modalities, Tesla Metamorphosis® uses Tesla Waves. The Tesla Waves have several interesting characteristics one of which is that they are a non-hertzian energy wave. Hertzian energy waves that other modalities use start to degrade over distance. Tesla Waves do not degrade with distance, they get stronger. This makes Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® and Tesla Soul Communication Metamorphosis® ideally suited for distant healing.

My Introduction to Tesla Metamorphosis®

I first came across Tesla Metamorphosis® by chance at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney. While walking around looking through all the stalls, the name Tesla popped out at me. My attention was not captured because of the now well-known car brand now bearing the same name. But because decades ago I had been introduced to the many little-known and truly amazing accomplishments of Nikola Tesla.

After a brief conversation I found myself laying on the massage table having a short Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® session. What I experienced was such a very different experience to all of the numerous modalities I had tried over the years.

A sense of deep inner calmness and peace had descended over me and it lasted several days, and was profoundly different to anything I had ever experienced. From that moment intuitively I knew without question that I should become a Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioner®.

Origin of Tesla Metamorphosis®

Anya Petrovic is the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis®. Anya is internationally recognised in energy healing with more than two decades of experience in energy healing work. She first started energy healing as a Reiki practitioner then after a number of years moved to practicing as a Reconnected Healing practitioner. During that time she was working closely with Dr Eric Pearl the founder of Reconnected Healing.

It all started one day when Anya first received an inner message while conducting an energy healing session. The message was to reconstruct Tesla Healing. After the end of the session Anya continued receiving the same message. Then what ensued was a series of synchronistic events.

That same day that she received the message, a client emailed Anya an article by Serbian scientist Eng. Goran Marjanovic on Nicola Tesla and energy waves. In the article there was a quote in which Nicola Tesla described the difference between hertzian waves and a new type of energy wave that Tesla discovered, which later became known as Tesla Waves.

The very next day Anya came across an old calendar which had a painting of Nicola Tesla in it. From the calendar she discovered yesterday, the day that she had received the message to reconstruct Tesla Healing was Tesla’s birthday.

Next while having breakfast Anya saw two Doves in the window flapping their wings which brought up the memory of ‘Tesla’s “Dove Love Story”.

Shortly after Anya noticed on TV her mother was watching a story on Nicola Tesla.

Connecting With Scientists

Even though Anya was doubting herself over the occurring synchronicities she had experienced. Anya had decided to email Serbian scientist Eng. Goran Marjanovic whose article on Tesla Waves she had read. Much to her surprise for some reason Eng. Goran Marjanovic responded to her email. He suggested that they should meet and also include Prof Velimir Abramovic a philosopher and expert of Nikola Tesla in the meeting.

After sharing her story about the synchronicities regarding Tesla which had been occurring, with them and that she was unsure why she was meeting them. They shared with Anya a side of Nikola Tesla that she didn’t know. Tesla was a highly spiritual person, and he was well aware that energy was able to affect the mind, body and emotions. Nikola had invented several contemporary quantum healing instruments. However, Anya instinctively knew from the messages she had received it was not Tesla healing devices she was being called to reconstruct.

Text Received a Week Later

A week after Anya had first received the message to reconstruct Tesla Healing. Anya received a text message from the mother of a Serbian girl who channels Estella. It was the same message that Anya had received from the girl a year earlier.

However, a year earlier it made little sense. At the time Anya was trying to link the message somehow to Reconnected Healing but it made no sense to her. Now a year later looking at it from the perspective of reconstructing Tesla Healing, the channelled Estella message started to begin to make sense.

From this point pieces of the puzzle on how to go about reconstructing Tesla Healing slowly started coming together and eventually Tesla Metamorphosis® came into existence.

Fast Forward Seeing Tesla Waves

Anya became aware of Dr Harry Oldfield who created the Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) camera.

The PIP camera distinguishes different energy frequencies and densities that are displayed in different colours. The camera is also able to photograph moving energy fields. The colours the camera displays are the same colours people with heightened extrasensory perception are able to see around people and objects.

Anya had planned to go to London to meet Dr Harry Oldfield however another synchronicity occurred. Anya was reading in an email a report about research conducted on Mt Rtanj in Serbia, after it was discovered to be a pyramid. Eng. Goran Marjanovic who Anya had met previously had precisely reconstructed from Tesla’s notes a Tesla Amplifier and Coil which produced Tesla Waves.

In the report were PIP images of both Mt Rtanj and the Tesla Amplifier taken by Dr Prof Ljubo Ristovski. The photos showed that both the top of Mt Rtanj and the Tesla Amplifier were producing purple colours around them. The purple colour confirmed that both were producing Tesla Waves

Confirming Tesla Waves Are Present

Anya contacted Dr Prof Ljubo Ristovski and invited him to a Tesla Metamorphosis® seminar that she was running, to take photos with the PIP camera. On the third day of the seminar Dr Prof Ljubo Ristovski finally revealed the photos to Anya. The photos showed other colours present and importantly purple which unequivocally showed that Tesla Metamorphosis® was also using Tesla Waves.

Dr Prof Ljubo Ristovski went on to check images at his institute of all the modalities which had been photographed, including searching on the internet and also consulted with Dr Harry Oldfield. He confirmed that the purple colour shown in the Telsa Metamorphosis® images were characteristic of Tesla Waves and also were not found in any other healing modalities.

The images below are taken using a Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) camera.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® Session

In these images the purple shows that there are Tesla Wave present during the session. The images also show white spherical lights which are visible on the camera and move across the table during the session.

Tesla Metamorphosis® Students

These images are of Tesla Metamorphosis® students who were photographed during a seminar. The purple colour in time becomes even more intense. This phenomenon indicates that Tesla Waves can elevate the human consciousness frequency to the level of Crown Chakra and accelerate consciousness evolution.

Tesla Metamorphosis® - Heal and Evolve.

A much more detailed account of the events leading up to the creation of Tesla Metamorphosis® can be found in Anya’s book Tesla Metamorphosis® - Heal and Evolve. The book also goes into much greater depth and detail about the science surrounding Tesla Waves and their interaction with the body, mind and emotions.

Anya Petrovic

Anya Petrovic

Tesla Metamorphosis® - Heal and Evolve

Disclaimer “Anya Petrovic and Tesla Metamorphosis® make no promises or warranties regarding medical diagnoses, outcomes and/or medical treatments, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.”

“Once you make a decision,
the universe conspires to make it happen.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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