What Is Transformational Coaching?

Why I Use Transformational Coaching?

I use Transformational Coaching which differs from the other coaching methods such as goal oriented, transitional, or situational coaching. These other coaching methods focus predominantly on helping to find solutions to achieve a fixed goal.

These methods seldom first take a step back, to reflect on the goal and ensure it is the right goal before starting work on how to realise the goal.

Transformational Coaching differs in that the coach invites you to first view the goal from different perspectives before moving on. This may lead to the transformation of the original goal, or confirms the selected goal as it has been defined.

As progress is made on the goal, challenges inevitably arise and the coach will invite you to view the challenge from different perspectives. This can lead to uncovering the invisible and bringing to the surface unexpected ways of resolving the challenge. Often resulting in providing new knowledge or awareness enabling you to further refine the goal which you are pursuing.

I’ve found that Transformational Coaching has a more fluid approach, allowing the goal and the way it is achieved, the ability to evolve, as progress is made. Making it more likely that when the goal is achieved, it produces the results you need.

In conjunction with Transformational Coaching, I use the Business Wellbeing Model©, which underpins regenerative business principles that is based on the 5 pillars of business. It helps highlight the causes of the chaos and stress in your business. Once the causes are identified, solutions can be found and implemented, to alleviate the chaos and stress.

Why Is Coaching Important?

Today more than at any point in history a plethora of material is readily available on how to move a business forward, in a variety different formats. Yet with all this availability and choice only a small percentage of those who purchase the material complete it and even fewer that use it, move forward. A consistent theme found in those businesses that are succeeding, is that a high percentage of them have a coach or a mentor on their team.

Fundamentally we know there's a special connection that is formed when someone is focused on helping you succeed. It's difficult to define in words how a coach, somehow enables you to make more progress than you could have on your own. How many successful athletes or sporting teams can you think of that don't have coaches?

If this somehow resonates with you, then please book a free discovery call with me. Let’s have a chat about your goal and the challenges you are facing in achieving your goal.

Code of Ethics

As a Transformational Coach I abide by the code of ethical practice established by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Never start a business just to make money.
Start a business to make a difference.
— Marie Forleo

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